If you counted yourself among the fashionable pioneer set, a MUST-DO was to cross into Indian Territory by way of the Doan's Store.
Although the settlement of Doans flourished around the trading post for a bit, today only the adobe structure, built in 1879, remains.

The little town really saw its hey-day with the cattle drives coming through. The
Great Western Trail, which supplanted the Chisholm Trail
in the 1880s, passed  on its way to Dodge City.

The old trading post is accessible, though it's privately owned, so make sure to take pictures only! And watch out for snakes, black
widows, hornets, and some overly friendly dogs, too.
A marker places the Great Western Trail.
Doan's Crossing is located northeast of Vernon off of US 283 (which
approximates the Great Western Trail), at the junction of FM 2916 and FM 924.
From US 283, Take FM 924 east and follow to the old trading post.
As I was wandering around the old adobe store, I was looking down onto the ground, checking for snakes. I didn't feel the need to look up until I
heard an angry buzzing. Sure enough, I followed the noise and saw a wasp's nest. But the wasp wasn't angry at me - it was fighting for its life
against a black widow, who had strung her web beneath the overhang where a wasp nest was situated, just waiting on unsuspecting wasps to
fall into her trap. Stepping back, I discovered that almost every single eave held a black widow and, apparently, the ghastly remains of her
assorted husbands.
Crossing at Doan's
The old store in the winter.
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What may be the only extant photo of old Doan's Crossing when it wasn't old yet.
How to get there