The six main military installations in the Red River Valley - three in Oklahoma, and three in Texas - show above
any other cultural feature how closely history is linked between the two states. Spanning three wars - the
Mexican-American, Civil, and Indian Wars - the forts not only record the progress of the Western frontier, but
also what has been lost in the American quest for Manifest Destiny.

Below is a map of the Red River Valley and the locations of the six forts, numbered in order of their
establishment. Click on the fort's names to learn about each one.
Red River Fort Tour
Fort 1 - Fort Towson, between Idabel and Hugo Oklahoma (1824)

Fort 2 -
Fort Washita, between Durant and Tishomingo, Oklahoma. (1847)

Fort 3 -
Fort Belknap, between Graham and Throckmorton, Texas. (1851)

Fort 4 -
Fort Griffin. Between Throckmorton and Albany, Texas. (1867)

Fort 5 -
Fort Richardson. Between Jacksboro and Graham, Texas. (1868)

Fort 6 -
Fort Sill. Active fort in Lawton, Oklahoma. (1869)
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