These Hills are Alive!
Great Plains State Park
Hwy 183, 20 miles north of Frederick, Oklahoma
Rt. 1 Box 52 Mountain Park, OK 73559    (580) 509-2032

Located at the foot of the Wichita mountains, the name of this state park is kind of a misnomer - I was expecting wheat fields. But Great
Plains State Park proves once and for all that America's bread basket is one of the most scenic areas in the Unites States.

The park surrounds Tom Sneed Lake, which offers the usual lake amenities like fishing, swimming, and boating. But history is well served.
A heritage trail describing the original Indian tribes who lived in the Great Plains is well worth the pleasant hike. Huge boulders, cacti,
cedar trees, and yucca plants frame the lake, giving each visitor a feast for the eyes. The park is also home to the Oklahoma state
Longhorn herd, as well as a buffalo herd.
Great Plains State Park
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