After reading about the exciting adventures of the Ragsdale family, you might find yourself curious about the little town of Hollis. Well,
fret no more! Here are some photos of this pioneer settlement.

As I was driving through town on a Saturday morning, I noticed two men walking down the street towards the Police Station with boxes in
their arms. They both wore shirts with the letters INMATE printed on the back. Since they weren't running AWAY from the police station,
I'm assuming they were trustees who were helping the police/jail/ whatever to move. I reckon they were very trustworthy trustees, as I
did not see any guards!

Even with the criminal element  walking around like a bunch of U-Haul employees, Hollis is a cute little town, though clearly it is past its
ranching, oil-producing prime. It also sits at the corner of North Texas/Panhandle/Southwest Oklahoma, in the disputed Greer County
area (Hollis is in Harmon County but was once part of Greer), so consequently the area was the last to be settled (by pioneers)  in
Hollis lies on US 62 west of Gould. Where's Gould, you say? It's west of McQueen.
And where in the world is McQueen? Why, just west of Duke, of course.

Okay, I'll stop being a smart aleck. From Lawton, take US 62 west until you're about
ten miles from Texas, and you'll be in Hollis. Also, here's the map:
Get your shoes shined in downtown Hollis.
Hollis Today
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