How to get there
Retrop, Oklahoma sits just east of the
Great Western Trail. However, Retrop
is not a trail town - it began with the
farm and ended with the farm, going
ghostly in the 1940s. But not all is lost
in Retrop. There's Retrop - a
one-stop-sign town where OK 6
meets OK 55 - and then Old Retrop.
The cemetery is located in Old Retrop
across from the abandoned store.
Today the town of Retrop, Oklahoma, sits abandoned along straight
dirt roads on  level plains. Even in its heyday Retrop wasn't much of
a town. But if you like ghost towns, this forgotten little hamlet may
be right up your alley.

Located 130 miles southwest of Oklahoma City and about 25 miles
south of Elk City at the border of Beckaham and Washita counties,
Retrop began its relatively short life as a small land rush farming
community. Originally, the town had wanted to be named Porter
after the first Anglo family to settle in town, but Indian Territory
already had a community by that name. Undeterred, the post master
just reversed the spelling, and Retrop was born.

Prior to its existence, the town site sat along the
Great Western
Trail, a cattle road forged by John Lytle after farmers and ranchers
had fenced off the Chisholm Trail. Also known as the Dodge City
Trail and reaching all the way to the Dakotas, it ran just to the east
of the original town.

Though the post office had been abandoned by 1905, Retrop still
maintained a general store, school, and several residences. Like
many other Oklahoma towns, Retrop lived through hard times
during the Dust Bowl years. By the mid 1940s, the town's store had

Today, two locations mark the location of Retrop. The newer
community lies at the junction of Oklahoma highways 6 and 55. Old
Retrop sits a mile off of the highways, its abandoned houses
standing in silent testimony of the little town it once was.
Backwards Ghost Town
Forgotten ride in Retrop
Retrop's old store
Retrop, Oklahoma: Where applicances go to die.
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