Richie Cunningham woulda dug this Joint
On the main drag in Grand Prairie - Hwy 80 to map makers - sits a pristine example
of the not so distant past. Theo's Diner, opened in 1958 and continuously operated
since then, is a jewel among the ever-vanishing eateries of the space age.

Amid Grand Prairie's aging business district that is now home to more flea markets
than real shops, Theo's Diner stands out for all the right reasons.
Its construction is typical of commercial buildings from the 1950s: a brick block
with tile cut-outs, low roof, and flashy neon sign. Just like in 1958, the food is
geared towards the high school crowd - root beer, cheeseburgers, and french

If you enjoy drinking milkshakes and eating Frito Chili Pie under turquoise metal
awnings while listening to the Beach Boys - and especially if you remember doing
this way back when - Theo's Diner will let you cruise down memory lane in style.

Theo's is located along the Dixie-Overland/Bankhead Highway (Old US 80) in Grand
Prairie, TX (2626 Main Street.)
Okay, the SUV is a dead give-away that this is a recent photo. But imagine
Cadiallacs with tailfins parked under the overhangs...
Dine in 1950s Style
I would have driven this 1954 Buick to Theo's and
order a chili dog, only if...  Sadly, this car (along with
all of the collection) was sold when the Pate Museum
of Transportation folded in 2009.
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