Every travel website, regardless if it focuses on the Alaskan pipeline or the Zulu
dancers in Africa, has got to have a page devoted to Route 66.
Well, I guess it's my turn. I LOVE Route 66! Although Texas has two - the old US 66
and TX 66, which travels through Rockwall and Garland on its way to Dallas - I'm
talking about the mythic one, here. By the way, I fell in love with Amarillo when I
visited. That is one nifty town. And I met the nicest people there, too.
A brick building on Sixth Street in Amarillo, the downtown section of Route 66. This
building is original to the highway, having been built in 1926.
A cool cowboy on Amarillo Boulevard, the seedy
side of Route 66.
The 1940s era Triangle Motel is pure Route 66, and is fairly intact. The name is apt,
too: the complex sits at a traffic triangle. I took the pictures beside the old Triangle
Restaurant, now a beer joint with loud music and a decidedly yeasty smell.
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Route 66 in Oklahoma!
Texas' Route 66
This WWII era airport hangar is in disuse, and several
old airplanes are still housed inside.
The Triangle Motel sits behind a chain link fence, but
it still has all cabins, a big tree in the courtyard, and
the great old neon sign.
Overgrown courtyard at the Triangle Motel
Amarillo's very philosophical.
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