These three pages comprise a
letter sent to a Wilkinson family
genealogist from a family
member, recounting the history
of a Southern family settling in  
Titus, Morris, Camp, and Lamar
Locations Mentioned:
Jefferson (Marion County)
Snow Hill (Titus County, on TX 49)
Mount Pleasant (Titus County)
Mount Vernon (Franklin County)
Pittsburg (Camp County)

Families Mentioned:
Enloe (also a town in Lamar County)
The Significance for Historians
This letter helps to understand the
settlement patterns of a lower
South slave holding family in Texas.
Owning slaves gave  the family a
certain status upon its arrival,
which promoted their influence in
the workings of several North
Texas counties.

What Information is Needed
I'm curious to know why the family,
owning slaves and fairly well-off,
decided to head to the frontier.
Also, does the family have any
pertinent slave records (probate,
bills of sale, etc) ?
Southern Settlement in
the Red River Valley
Mount Vernon courthouse
Do you have family history that
relates to the Red River Valley that
you'd like to share with others? Let
me know:
Old shingle house in Paris, Texas
near the original cemetery
Disused Texas & Pacific tracks at
Petty, Lamar County, Texas
The Titus County courthouse,
situated in Mount Pleasant, Texas
was built in 1895 but has undergone
two remodels. Once a stately and
pleasing design, the courthouse
now looks like...
... this. It has been deemed "the
ugliest courthouse in Texas"
courtesy of
Texas Escapes.