There's nothing better than taking a road trip. But when you've been driving on hot, dusty roads or in the hot, swampy backwaters, there's
nothing better than stopping at a way-side station to enjoy an ice cold drink and wolf down a sandwich. In Texas, you better be drinking Dr.
Pepper; in Louisiana, you better ask for a grape Ne-Hi and a Moon Pie (my grandmother, who owned a small gas station in Acworth, Red River
County, Texas, ate this latter treat every afternoon. Ladies who were born and raised in Shreveport did that, apparently).

What's neat about old gas stations is that often, the brand of gas they sold can be discerned by their architecture. Early Phillips 66 stations,
for example, had pitched roofs; during the Space Age, they sported large windows and up-ward sloping overhangs. Humble Oil stations were
designed with beautiful tiles. Signs are dead give-a-ways, too. Who doesn't know Mobile's Pegasus and Texaco's star?

Like in history, today's gas stations not only sell gas but food and drinks as well. Unlike yesteryear, however, most of the present stations do
not have mechanics on duty. Some have "inter-stated" themselves (yes, that's a word. Well, kind of): they have become ubiquitous megaliths,
like QuickTrips and RaceTracks and, heaven forbid, Buckees. It's just a matter of time that the old service stations, like so many places that
hark to vintage Americana, will be swallowed up by multi-national corporations.

So let's celebrate these ancient relics of the automobile age while they're still around.
Hit the Road! Red River Valley Gas Stations
Before cell phones, phoning home required
feeding  quarters into a pay phone,
conveniently located at gas stations.
Along US 287 in Childress (TX) sits this beautiful station. The "Lucky Strikes" sign that faced the front of the building has now been removed.
Clairemont, Kent County (TX )was once the county seat but is now a ghost town. No one stops at this adobe station on US 380 anymore.
While the original station building is gone, the old dispensers are still
around. At this station in Colleyville, Grayson County (TX), each pump
sold different blends: ethanol, leaded, regular, and diesel.
Plain Dealing, Bossier Parish (LA)
Pilot Point, Denton County (TX)
A vignette along US 77, Hill County (TX)
Vignette along US 77 in Italy, Ellis County (TX)
This beauty has since been torn down. Bennington, Bryan County (OK)
No more gas on the Jefferson Highway in Powhattan, Natchitoches Parish (LA).
Detroit, Red River County (TX) was the birthplace of John Nance Garner - Catcus Jack -  vice president to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1932-1941.
Appropriate name: Crossroads, Hempstead County (AR).
A Humble Oil station in Jefferson, Marion County (TX).
Gas station and plantation store in Caspiana, northern Natchitoches Parish (LA).
On OK 7 near Davis, Garvin County (OK)
Awesome tin gas station in Garvin County (OK)
Phillips 66 gas station, which may have also housed a car dealership, in
Vinson, Harmon County (OK)
Medicine Mound's famous remain. Hardeman County (TX).
Along the Cane River, Natchitoches Parish (LA)
A gas station along a vintage brick road in Olney, Young County (TX).
Lehigh, Coal County (OK)
Dundee, Archer County (TX)
"Beer to go" & gas station, Vinson, Harmon County (OK)
Prud'homme plantation store at Oakland Plantation, Natchitoches Parish (LA)
Pump at Fleetwood on the Chisholm Trail, Ryan County (OK)
On Route 66 in Glen Rio, Deaf Smith County (TX)
Megargel, Archer County (TX)
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Lots of older gas stations still offer the convenience of pay phones.
People of the younger generation may not know what to do with these
contraptions, however.
Downtown Wichita Falls, Texas
History in Telephone, Fannin County, Texas
Hollister, Tillman County, Oklahoma
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