Dallas Library - Main Branch Downtown
J. Erikson Central Library, 1515 Young Street, Dallas, TX 75201
The library has two floors to serve you - the 7th floor is the Archives division, with lots of diaries, old maps, photos, and newspapers. The
genealogical center is located on the eighth floor, where you can find information for almost the entire U.S., plus Germany, Britain, and

The Catholic Diocese Archives
1600 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78711
Prior to Texas independence and eventual statehood, all records regarding the administration of New Spain were kept by the Missions.
The Catholic Church collected these documents, preserved them in typed, photostatic copy, and has made them available to the public
for research (the records in Austin are lifted from the originals in San Antonio). Historians will find tons of information, including
administrative paperwork on the Missions, real property documentation, military commissions and orders, descriptions of encounters
with Native Americans, birth and death records of Mexican citizens, and treaties made between the Spanish, Anglos, and Indians. Records
maintained after Texas independence and statehood pertain almost exclusively to church matters, as Texans adopted the common law
practice of recording transactions through the government, not the church. You need to understand some Spanish to research these
records. However, Carlos Castaneda compiled these records in his eight volume work, Our Catholic Heritage, which can be researched in
the Diocese Archives. The University of Dallas, a Catholic university, should have a copy of this work as well.

Western History Collection at OU
University of Oklahoma Libraries, Monnet Hall, 630 Parrington Oval Room 452, Norman, OK 73019
The University of Oklahoma possesses a number of photographs, oral histories, manuscripts, and ephemra that pertain to western
history, specifically Oklahoma. This collection is not necessarily meant for genealogists but for students and researchers of the American

Northeast Texas Archives at Texas A&M University - Commerce
Texas A&M Commerce,  
Documents located in this library include county records for Bowie, Camp, Cass, Franklin, Gregg, Harrison, Hopkins, Hunt, Marion, Morris,
Rains, Smith, Titus, Upshur, Van Zandt, and Wood counties (on microfilm). The archive also holds oral histories about several topics,
including dairy farming, rural schools, and the progress of Hunt County, and many of the primary documents concern social and economic
development of NE Texas from the 1820s on. There are also histories on select NE Texas families.

Oklahoma Department of Libraries
200 NE 18th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73105
All materials relating to the state of Oklahoma are contained within the library's collection, including papers generated by state agencies
and the governor's office. Note that materials gathered from the creation of Indian Territory until Oklahoma statehood would be housed in
the National Archives (Fort Worth). Another note: their maps are not digitized, making actual trips to the physical collection necessary.

National Archives, Fort Worth
501 W. Felix, Fort Worth, TX
The archives in Fort Worth hold federal district court cases and documents from federal agencies (such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs)
for the southwest (Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas). Many of the court documents are invaluable, such as those detailing the
Green Corn Rebellion in the 1920s and the Bonnie and Clyde harboring trial of 1934.

Southwestern Arkansas Regional Archives
201 Highway 195 South, Washington, AR 71862
If you have family who ever set foot in Arkansas - and most Oklahomans and Texans have - then this is a must-stop in your genealogy
search. Inside the archives are slave deed records, too. The extensive newspaper, map, and photograph collections alone are reward
enough, not to mention the fantastic genealogy resources. Researchers interested in perusing the Arkansas Gazette (the oldest,
completest newspaper published west of the Mississippi River from1819-1991) will need to research the microfilms at the
Historical Commission's archives.

State Library of Louisiana
701 North 4th Street, Baton Route, LA 70802
The state of Louisiana holds generated materials relating to territorial and state government, as well as newspapers, letters, documents,
and photographs.

Texas State Library and Archives
1201 Brazos Street, Austin, TX 78701
Texas' uber-library holds documents generated by the state and when Texas was a republic. Information about historical events/eras in
Texas history, personal papers by illustrious governors and statesmen, and maps are in its collection as well - and many of the items are
digitized, making access that much easier.

Cammie G. Henry Research Center
Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Watson Memorial Library, 3rd Floor, 913 University Parkway,  Natchitoches LA 71457
For anyone interested in the Creoles of northwestern Louisiana and the history of Natchitoches, this research center fits the bill. The
collection is based on the records preserved by the Henry family, who were the last owners of the French Creole Melrose Plantation
before the National Park Service took possession.

Oklahoma History Center
800 Nazhi Zuhdi Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Historic images, documents, oral histories, newspapers and more can be found in the research branch of the Oklahoma Historical Society.
Many Pioneer-Indian papers, as well as biographical files on Native Americans who reside in Oklahoma are kept here, too.

DeGoyler Library, Southern Methodist University (Dallas)
Fondren Library West, 6404 Robert S. Hyer Lane, Dallas, TX 75205
Several collections that pertain to Dallas and regional history.

Perry Castaneda Library, University of Texas (Austin) - Map collection
101 East 21st Street, Austin, TX 78713
The library has a lot of other information, and is one of the largest university systems in the country. I rely on this library for many of the
maps I use in my research.

University of Texas at Arlington Special Collections (Arlington)
702 Planetarium Place, Arlington, TX 76019
Very interesting photographs and maps of the Red River region

Texas General Land Office
1700 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701-1495
Plenty of very old maps, including old trail maps surveyed by dragoons, and all are for sale as copies (physical or as .tiffs).

Portal to Texas History at the University of North Texas (Denton)
Willis Library, 1155 Union Circle, Denton, TX 76203-5017
The Portal is an aggregator of museum, city, private, and university collection from around the state of Texas. The digital collection
contains maps, photographs, newspapers, and more.

Encyclopedia of Arkansas
Central Arkansas Library System, 100 Rock Street, LIttle Rock, AR 72201
Encyclopedic entries pertaining to many aspects of Arkansas heritage and culture. Most images are not in large format, and few maps are

Arkansas State Archives
1 Capitol Mall, Little Rock, AR 72201 (2B215, 2nd Floor)
Not much online to download, but a plethora of photographs and maps to purchase or make copies of, if you visit the center. Friendly staff.

Handbook of Texas Online
Online articles, well-researched and attached to the Southwestern Quarterly, that provides a lot of information about Texas.

Library of Congress
101 Independence Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20540
This is the mother ship of American culture. Newspapers, photographs, congressional records, maps - it's all here, and much of it has
been digitized. I am of the firm belief that ALL Americans should visit this "cathedral of knowledge" at least once in their lifetimes.

National Archives (U.S.)
8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740 - 6001
This link takes you to the photograph collection, but there are many more documents that are contained in this national treasure.
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Bittercreek School, Indian Territory
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