Meridian State Park
Off State Hwy 22, SW of Meridian, Bosque County. (254) 435-2536

Beautiful mountains, groves of cedar trees, peaceful solitude on a small lake - just a few descriptors of this magnificent park. Located in
Bosque County just southwest of Meridian, the hills that make this landscape so enticing consist of the northern edge of the Texas Hill

The park has a few cabins and a pavilion that you can reserve for family reunions and other parties, as well as boat ramps, swimming
areas, and campsites. When I was there with David (my son), we met a few feral cats who enjoyed the remnants of our peanut butter
sandwiches. There were also some mean ducks and a slew of buzzards resting in treetops that, once you follow the park road, you tower
over. Talk about a bird's eye view!

While you're in the area, check out pretty Meridian with its old courthouse and swing by Cranfills Gap, a Norwegian hamlet just southeast
of the park.

As always, normal park fees apply - and the crowds aren't so bad during the week and in early spring.
Fun place to ride!
Little Hill Country
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