Page 1 on Adolphus Hotel, Dallas Texas stationary
Tear this up please?
Tear this up please?

Here's first hand on Bonnie & Clyde
as we had Bonnie. She was
about the size of Rose Grace, weighing
a 100 pounds (a thousand pounds of dynamite though).
She was very pretty of course her skin was some
what torn [?] Her nails were beautiful. Le[??]
for [?] nails. Her toes looked like fingers.
burnt, and a deep coral shade polish on them.
The most beautiful toes I [?] saw, feet
perfect. Her permanent just a [?]
and had it washed. Her face right side
was blown off, we her and you
could hardly tell it. Just one bullet went
through her brains, [?] and number
grazed her head as there were 3 big holes
in her scalp, but [?] through skull.
Her left eye terribly black, [?] I used eye
was [?] up. Now, her body was
just mutilated and torn to pieces from
shots! Her right hand nearly blow off
(known as her trigger hand) her body be-
Sides being full of bullet holes was
Full of buckshot, pellets all over her

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body. We received body ten minutes
of [?]. Joe and I [?] on her until
three  that afternoon. At that time they say
75,000 people were lined up outsides. It took
2 hours picking dirt, rocks etc. from her
hair then to [?] it and have waved.
A tattoo on right leg two heart and
read Roy, the other Bonnie. Roy you know
was her husband (Roy Thornton now in pen).
All fluid the undertaker in Arcadia LA.,
used leaked out she was torn up so
she was a a [sic] mass of blood, caked &
dried. Several hours of bathing her. Had
to scrape some of it off and [?]
[?] dust to [?] of it. She
had skin slip that might [?]
fluid leaking [?] to smell
the next washing, turning dark, smell-
ing worse. The first day [?] rotten
so to speak. The odor was awful. Her
mother thought [sic] sat in room alone with
her head over casket. How she stood
it Lord knows. The other children
couldn’t. Mother [?] 2.30 that night I
asked if she wouldn’t like to go home, she
went. By then the entire house smelt. We
had to keep her so Sister Billy that was
in jail in Ft Worth could get out & come
to funeral. She was buried in an all
steel metal casket. Paper said $1000 is
wrong about $600 maybe less. Paper said
$1000 for vault wrong there was no vault
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buried in an ice blue neglegee [sic] (is
this spelled right) She was dressed in ex-
pensive clothes when killed. About
40,000 people came to view her. Paper
said $1,500.00 damages done to Funeral
Home, wrong about the extent of $2.50.
They did not tear windows etc as stated.
The woman next door though turned hose
on them to keep her flowers from being
walked on. We had 38 officers
stationed (3 shifts) all over house and
front & back yard, keeping crowd [?]
and all of us as well. 4 operators on
the 4 phones. They rang every minute
for two days & nights. More people came
to see Bonnie then [sic] to see Clyde. Our
new [?] furniture was damaged. We
had a rubber mat about ½ inch in
thickness all over Funeral House. Officers

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stationed to keep people on it so as
not to wear rug out (Big movie star)
My picture was shown in movies.
the paper stretched their stories.
she was not to become a mother
as stated. She was diseased slightly as stated.
Now you have it first hand as
I worked on her. Joes & my work
was praised very highly [?]
other line in papers and if I
do say it, it was good. And she
looked [?] of [?]
[?] showing. The crowd
did not steal anything to take
home. All paper talk. Example crowd
lined up as far as Fair Park, now
judge how it looked. They brought
their lunches. Such fools.
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