Red River Weather, Summer 2007
The summer of 2007 was ripe with all kinds of weather events. We took a short trip around the area to have a look
at what havoc the weather has played in this very soggy June and July, 2007.  We encountered storms, floods,
and even wall-clouds.
The Denison Dam across Lake Texoma affords wonderful views - like this view of a wall cloud over Oklahoma. We watched the cloud for several
minutes but it never formed into a tornado.
My son David, who's now a lot older, contemplates the choppy
waters of the Red River below the dam at Lake Texoma (on the
Texas side).
The old high school in Denison with a storm brewing over head made for a beautiful picture.

The high school has succumbed to the wrecking ball.
Denison has been losing a lot of its history in the past few years - the old Baptist Church,
which Thurgood Marshall, once visited, has now been razed, and some older homes have also been demolished. I sure wish I had the resources
to help preserve Denison, because it's such a lovely town.
Watson's Hamburgers is a drive-in across from the abandoned high
school in Denison. It  was closed that day, so the threatening sky didn't
faze any carhops.
The demolition contractor saved the cuppola of the school. It's now been removed from the site of the former school, but I have no idea what
happened to it. If anyone does, please let me know at .
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